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Retrieved this from gencoupe originally posted by ImportShark

"Here's a step-by-step guide to removing your front bumper. This is a useful DIY because it is applicable to removing your OEM front grill (to install aftermarket grills or install wing emblems), installing OEM foglights, installing Sequence or M&S Carart foglight inserts, etc. Anyhow, it's a pretty easy process that takes about 20 minutes...

First, I'd STRONGLY recommend that you get ramps so that accessing underneath your car is extremely easy. These ramps are PERFECT for doing oil changes--so you're gonna need them sooner or later, right? The brand that I'd recommend are Rhino Ramps. They're about $60, I believe.

I had a Luxon grill already pre-installed. If you have an aftermarket grill, then taking it off is damn easy. If you don't, then hold off on removing your OEM grill until you take off the bumper. Either way, the plastic screws that are in these locations need to be removed:

Instead of pulling your headlight out from the front, it's easier to push it out from the rear. Just shove--it'll come out. There's an alignment pin on the outside of the headlight which can get snagged, so pay attention to that if you're having trouble.

Remove the screw that's in each wheel well. (Towards the front of the car on each side)

Wiggle a flathead screwdriver under here, but don't put too much pressure on these because they can break.

Basically at this point, you just have to rip off your bumper. It's only held on by four tabs on each side. Don't worry--you won't break it unless you're a gorilla or something...

Go back to the wheel well and take a look at the area where the screw you removed is. Use this access hole to pop the tabs out holding the front bumper

Stick a flathead screwdriver in here and wiggle it back and forth to pop out the first two tabs by pulling the bottom of the bumper at the same time. The first two will probably pop out simultaneously.

Before you pop out the third and fourth tabs, you might want to put a blanket or cardboard on the floor in case the bumper drops. At least this way it won't get scratched or something.

Pop out the third tab. You might want to stick your flathead in there as well to loosen it. Once that's out, the fourth should be pretty easy. (Just pull!)"

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