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I decided to do this mod as the result of the driver's side fender liner being ripped out of the front bumper & breaking off about 1/3 the way up toward the left front strut. This occured during an incident where I went off track into the grass at CMP last time I was there.

I removed both front fender liners to inspect & found that they are very cheap & flemsy contributing to part of the problem. When the 2 little phillips plastic push pins got torn out of the bottom of the left side of the front bumper, one of them tore the hole in the bumper where it inserted into. Then the fender liner bent back & got caught on the left front tire causing it to break & come apart (I left other 1/2 of liner at the track).

Tools needed: 8mm & 21mm socket (for lugs), socket ratchet (impact driver), pull bar (torque stick), screwdriver (cordless driver), ***** (side cutter pliers), tin snips (commercial grade scissors), 3 cans of under-coating. I give this a 2 out of 5 difficulty with 5 being most difficult.

To remove fender liner, jack vehicle up at jacking point & install jack stand. Remove wheel & start by taking out the two 8mm bolts (one on each side) holding the front bumper to the fender.

After which there will be multiple plastic phillips push pins & one actual phillips screw that will need to be removed to allow the fender liner to come out. You will have to work the plastic liner a bit to get the edge out from behind the metal fender lip.

I then proceeded to weigh the complete right front fender liner to determine stock weight of each. The liner is about 4 lbs & I assume that the other side is relatively close to this weight. I noticed after removal that there is a canyon along the edge of the fender where the fenders are rolled back in.

This canyon looked to be an area where debris would collect & I decided that at least a portion of the liner needed to be reinstalled. So I trimmed the liners down to where they mainly covered that outer edge only & was able to reduce the weight down to 1.2 lbs per side, saving a total of 5.6 lbs. Below is a pic of the final product sitting atop my Matco rollaround toolbox. The left side of the liner is stock & the right side with the zig-zag is where I cut the liner.

Luckily when I removed the liner, I found a guide (curved line for rigidity) where to cut the fender liner to fill my needs. I used a pair of tin snips to do the trimming, after which I reinstalled to check fitment.
Now that these liners have been trimmed down, I noticed alot more red paint visible from lack of under-coating. So I decided to go ahead & do the under-coating while completing this fender liner mod.

To prep for undercoating, I just hung a shop fender cover from the top of the strut, allowing it to fall down over the Brembo caliper & taped a piece of card board in front of the bumper cover to protect from over spray.

In addition, I decided to spray the rear fender inners with under-coating as well since I've been annoyed by rocks etc hitting the inside of the rear quarters. There is a little piece of plastic fender liner at the furthermost part of the fender well that must be removed 1st, but be sure to reinstall since it also covers up a small canyon where debris could get caught.

Finished product

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I managed to break my bumper cover in the same place on the drivers side with a small snow bank and that subsequently broke apart the fender liner so I've been contemplating what to do with it since it's not fitting the fender itself worth a damn. Also did this on the pass side with a parking lot block that I got a bit too close to. It didn't break anything per se but now that side liner doesn't fit too well either. Seems to be a weak (re: cheap ass) part of the car.
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