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DIY LED Kit from Diode Dynamics

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retrieved from gencoupe, OP HGCOwner

This how to will illustrate the steps needed to install the LED Kit from Diode Dynamics without breaking anything.
BTW the stage 3 is ridiculously bright, the dome lights are actually a little TOO bright.

Step 1) License plate bulbs

Push the clip in and pull down (push the clip from the license plate side towards the outside of the car), this one shouldn’t be a problem to take out.

Step 2) Trunk Light

The plastic pops out easily

You should then dismount the light from the electrical plug

I drilled a hole for the LED Wires to go through

Bundle the wires so they aren’t in the way

Test the connection before reinstalling

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This posting does not have all the photos that are in the other posting--at least they're not showing up on my computer. (15 photos as opposed to about 30 in the other post)

the following link shows all the steps on my computer.
[HowTo] LED Kit - Forums

There are many other pictures from other posts that will not show up in my browser, so I don't know if the problem here is my computer or if some of the photos are actually missing.
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