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Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for any damage to your vehicle or any injury to your person while attempting this procedure as it is only a guideline.

Tools needed: 10mm socket & ratchet (preferrably impact) & phillips screw driver (preferrably cordless).

First remove the snorkel air intake by taking out the 4 plastic phillips screw retainers across the top of it & gently ease it out of position working around the air intake box.

Then remove the passenger's side head lamp by taking out the plastic phillips screw retainer at the inner corner of the lamp assembly.

Next remove the two 10mm bolts holding the head lamp in place & set the head lamp assembly aside.

Remove the air box beginning with removal of the intake hose running from the box to the turbo. Loosen the clamps on both ends of the intake hose with a phillips screw driver. Take off the 2 smaller hoses coming from the valve cover. Wiggle the intake hose until you can work it out of place & set it to the side. Now take out the three 10mm bolts that hold the air box in place & set the air box aside.

Now that the air box, intake hose & snorkel are out of the way, you can take out the 10mm bolt from the top of the washer fluid reservoir neck.

Here is where I recommend front bumper removal for easier access, but it is not necessary if you prefer to leave it in place.

You have two 10mm bolts that can be accessed from the side that hold the washer resevoir in place, remove both of these after disconnecting the two wiring connector plugs going to the washer motor & level sensor. You will also need to disconnect the rubber washer line that goes to the washer sprayers in the hood.

You can now set the washer reservoir to the side & place the two loose connectors out of the way.

I chose to remove the rubber washer line at this point to save for future needs. The shorter piece of it will be used with the new smaller washer sprayer I will be incorporating at a later date once I've picked up my mini battery & tray.

In order to remove the rubber line you will first have to drop the fender liner down so that you can access the clips holding the line in place along the inside of the fender well.

Then you can pull the clips out of place & pull the line loose from the connector at the top of the fender near the battery.

This is the location where the new smaller washer sprayer will be located once I've installed the mini battery & tray.

Pic of it completely removed.

Alright, I weighed the OEM washer reservoir full of fluid = 13.5 lbs (wow) & the new replacement reservoir that I picked up from my friend Red Rasberry = 4.4 lbs, for a difference of 9.1 lbs in weight savings or 13,5 lbs savings if you were not to run a reservoir at all.

Updated pics & install of new washer reservoir to follow soon!

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