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retrieved from gencoupe, OP dogstar

It was a busy afternoon, I managed to get the passenger door panel off and take some measurements. Italyn, things look good for getting a reasonably shallow 8" mid woofer in there.

The stock speaker is a plastic bodied speaker of approximately 6" diameter sitting on a flat mounting pad of 7" diameter.
It's depth is 1.5" before hitting the door panel although I am not sure how much room there is behind the speaker inside the door.

The tweeter is a compact unit, looks to be about 3/4".

There are about 12 plastic pop fasteners on the door panel and the door proved VERY difficult to get off the first time, it's on there well.
The mirror/sail panel came off pretty easily, it is held on with 3 pop fasteners of a type I've never seen. They seem to grip the threads of the bolts which hold the mirror on.
There is a screw under a trim panel in the door handle area and another screw under the door handle grab cup which has a rubber liner over it.
The door panel will lift straight up, but not too far, the lock/handle cables are still attached, screwed down to the door handle.

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