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Downladed Update and now nothing works

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A week or so ago, my 2021 G90 Ultimate infotainment screen anounced an update. I sat in the car until the update was downloaded and then turned the car off, locked it and left. When I returned, I was greeted with a black screen a large Genesis logo in its center. This screen would briefly go blank every 30 seconds or so and the radio would stop playing. I am guessing that it was trying to reboot, but do not know. The screen is working as it displays my surrounding when parking. I cannot change stations, use the Nav. map, or any other functions. I tried the 5 second reboot with the paper clip without sucess and was told by Genesis to bring it to the dealer for a "hard reboot". They couldn't get it to work and have ordered a new "radio" at about $4,000 which isunder warrantee.

Has this happened to anyone else? What problems can I expect when the finally get the unit and install it? THank you.
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