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Factory 19" Chrome Wheels

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They don't come from the factory on the car like that, if that's what your asking. But, Hyundai svc depts can get almost any of the wheels offered dipped from the factory for a nomial fee of about $1200.00 plus your old rims as a core charge. Otherwise you can have them dipped for probably less...

I am not aware of any way to get "any" Hyundai rims dipped in chrome... I know that we can order Veracruz (18") Sonata (17" 5 spoke only), Azera (17") and Santa Fe (18") wheels in chrome, and can either send the lightly used (less than 500 miles) set back as cores, or charge the customer an extra $150 per chrome wheel if the old ones have more than 500 miles on them or cannot otherwise be used as cores.

To my knowledge, we can't just "send off" any set to be chromed unless its to an aftermarket plating company.
DANG 1200.....

here at my dealer (toyota) we have a company that we send rims to, to be chromed and they chage 100.00 a rim

but 1200 sheesh
Yeah, the $1200 is what Hyundai charges for a new set of chrome wheels. That's not to chrome existing wheels, as Hyundai does not do that. That's for a brand new set of chrome wheels for one of the four models they're currently offered on.
I'm sure they have been dipped after the fact. The only chrome Hyundai wheels available from Hyundai are for the models listed above. It's not a dip-by-request system. The reason for the cores is so that Hyundai can dip them and re-sell them to other dealers.

If Mr. EdVoylesHyundai says that Hyundai offers chromed Genesis wheels, I'd sure be interested in the Hyundai part number. If he can't provide one, then it's not Hyundai offering them in chrome, it's them taking Genesis wheels and having them chromed somewhere else.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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