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First Day! - 11/4/08

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Well we're getting ready to head out to the Convention Center. Our first press conference will be at the Hyundai Booth at 9:40 AM. GM was initially going to be the first press conference but for some reason they chicken out of the show. Rumor has it they were afraid of the Hyundai press conference!

Soon after the press conference you should start seeing some pics from us. Stay tuned!!

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Sema pics

Hyundai has released their own official pics. We are working on ours but this should keep you busy for a few minutes while we edit ours.


SEMA Vehicles

Day One Conclusion

Well it's been another fun day in Las Vegas. We walked the whole day but probably only caught 1/10th of the show. Good thing I wore some comfy shoes. Some interesting things I want to note about this experience so far. Being a member of the media/press we get to have some nice "perks". For instance, there is a Media Center/Bloggers Lounge. When you enter the room you see the usual computers on the wall to work on but what catches your eyes is the FREE massage area, candle light meeting tables, super comfy sofas to relax on, big screen plasma/lcds and my favorite new game, Guitar Hereo. Not to mention the free breakfast conferences, free Starbucks coffee, free bottled water (which is really good cause the hotels charge $4 a bottle!!). You also get the best spots for the show car unveilings. For example, we were standing in the back of the MOPAR press conference. We weren't gonna take any pics or vids but a Mopar representative came over and said, "Hey media/press?" We of course say ya. "Ok come with me." He's pushing people to the side and ushering us to the front. LC is actually on the front row, he got some great vids.

What more could you ask for? :)

But alas, our work is never done. We still have video and pictures to process and upload. I'll probably be up for at least a couple more hours to do that. In the meantime enjoy the pics we have put up and keep watching for more.


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