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By Alexandra Straub, Canadian Auto PressJune 23, 2009

Somebody better call the fire department because the 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe is burning up the streets. The Korean car manufacturer’s latest creation now comes in a two-door configuration and has the fire to heat things up on the road.

Whether I was at work, the mall, the grocery store or wherever, this sexy two-door seemed to attract a lot of attention, and rightfully so. It helped that my test car was bright Mirabeau Blue, an attention-getting hue that drew innocent bystander’s eyes to the car's sultry curves and bodacious body. I even caught random people checking out its 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels (equipped with P225/45VR18 tires up front and P245/45VR18 tires at the rear) and peering into the Genesis’ ultra-funky interior complete with brushed metal interior trim. Heck, if I hadn't been driving the Genesis for the week, I would have done the same thing. It really is a beauty, a sight to see from the inside and out.

The beauty isn’t just skin deep either, since the Genesis coupe has the brawn to back it up. I had the smaller of the two available engines, the 2.0L 4-cylinder, which is a turbocharged and intercooled 16-valve DOHC design with Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing (CVVT). Small the engine may be, but I had a blast with it. It has a solid amount of horsepower and torque (210hp and 223 lb-ft of torque to be exact) and I found it plenty willing get-up-and-go whenever the opportunity presented itself. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the 6-speed manual transmission to put the ponies through their paces but I had the next best thing; the optional 5-speed electronic automatic transmission with paddle shifters. You’ll find this transmission as part of the Premium Package. To bring everything to a prompt, effortless halt the 2.0T comes with four-wheel disc brakes with ABS and electronic brakeforce distribution.

Speaking of effortless, the fully-independent suspension in the Genesis (dual-link Macpherson gas struts up front and five-link setup in back) had no problem handling things when the road got twisty. I found the Coupe pleasantly cooperative when pushed around bends and it seemed to come out of corners without even breaking a sweat. Along with its fantastic suspension, the other thing that made my Premium Package test car so much fun for me to drive was its premium 10-speaker Infinity stereo system which included Sirius satellite radio. Dial in my favourite all-techno-all-the-time satellite station and life is one big on-the-road dance party!

What I would have loved to see on the coupe is the grille from the Genesis sedan. The sedan’s grille is oh-so-distinguishable and gives the car that Genesis aura. The coupe on the other hand lacks a little of this uniqueness. Indeed, those who aren’t closely familiar with Hyundai's lineup might even think the coupe is a Tiburon on steroids because of its similarities. Hopefully the next generation will take this into consideration. I also wasn’t particularly impressed with the lack of room in the rear seats. I’m a small girl and I had no headroom whatsoever — I felt squished and uncomfortable and my head even touched the roof. It’s not somewhere I'd want to sit for any more than a few minutes despite how good-looking this car is! In my opinion, four-seat coupes are usually perfect for two people, some groceries and maybe a small dog. That’s about it.

That rant aside, the 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe starts at an MSRP of $24,495. The 2.0T model with the Premium Package prices in at $28,995 and is still an amazing value. Not to mention it won’t cost an arm or a leg in fuel, as it only uses an estimated 10.4L/100km in the city and 6.6L/100km on the highway. Hands down, this is a hot car that attracts a lot of attention whether standing still or hauling along.

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