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A Soft Top Worthy Of The Best 911 Ever

Gran Canaria is a volcanic nexus of disconnected associations, a bit of everything from a bit of everywhere. Geographically and geologically, this third largest of the Canary Islands belongs to Africa. Climatologically, it belongs to the Macaronesia Ecoregion. Its name is said to have come from an ancient Mauritanian king who, according to Pliny the Elder, named it Islas Canarias - Island of the Dogs - because of the numerous canines upon it. Politically, Gran Canaria belongs to Spain, which is why the tallest mountain in Spain is on neighboring island Tenerife. Linguistically, however, the Canarios dialect can be challenging for Spanish speakers to understand.

The island occupies just 600 square miles, but it's otherwise all over the map. Yet it shares one crucial thing with the 2012 Porsche 911 Cabriolet that we flew there to drive: purpose. You have to want to get to Gran Canaria - it doesn't just happen.

Such is the case with Porsche's latest top-dollar droptop - neither luck nor accident could have created it; the men responsible wanted this very car. The 991 Cabriolet is the sum of 30 years of 911 convertibles, and for proof of purpose, you need only know that a team of engineers has been devoted to the roof - and just the roof - on this car since 2004. For that effort they would like that their creation, and the car beneath it, earn the same the accolade bestowed on the hardtop for three months now: the best ever.

It is. But there's more to it than a little extra fabric...Continue reading 2012 Porsche 911 Cabriolet [w/video]

2012 Porsche 911 Cabriolet [w/video] originally appeared on Autoblog on Wed, 22 Feb 2012 11:57:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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