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At this point, Ford's sale of Volvo appears imminent. The only question now is who wants to take the Swedish automaker off the Blue Oval's hands. Last week we told you of a possible sale as early as mid-February, and now Reuters is reporting that the buyer could be Renault. The two automakers allegedly got together in the fall to discuss the outright purchase of Volvo and now, the two have apparently resumed talks.

Volvo and Renault almost combined back in 1993, but management and stockholders at the Swedish automaker were against the merger. Fast forward to 2009, and Volvo is coming off a $1.5 billion loss for 2008, and Ford is draining cash by the bucket. Renault could find a bargain-basement Volvo as a nice fit, considering that it just recently canceled plans to produce a new large car. Volvo's Ford-based large car lineup could slot nicely in Renault's offerings, saving big Euros on development. Some are speculating that Renault, which owns 44% of Nissan, would have Volvo all to itself, though we're sure some sharing between the three automakers is bound to happen if the deal goes down.

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