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Ford Mustang Power

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[ame=]Mustang 2000 HP Dyno Insane - Car Videos on StreetFire[/ame]

We used to think that we were cool when we pegged the speedometer in our crappy high-school hoopties, but pegging a dyno? That's a whole other thing! Watch as this 2000hp Mustang drops the hammer and rips past the machine's limit!

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I thought it was going to blow for a second when i started seing the sparks on the bottom!
HOLY crap only in my wildest dreams could i do something like that
That is pretty tight... I think the sparks under the car where from the exhaust. Sounds like its a turbo car with an open dump on the bottom that was probably all the fire you saw.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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