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If you're looking for a good, amusing read, head directly to where hilarity has unfolded at the expense of one particularly dumb street racer and "Honda Enthusicit" who used the website's "Ask an Officer" section to inquire about how to fight a ticket for going too slow.

Unfortunately, the genius in question couldn't resist bragging about how he had been street racing when pulled over going around 90 miles-per-hour, and that after a long traffic stop, the officer wound up citing him for driving too slowly. Racerboy then noticed a discrepancy on his ticket (the posted limit was not the same as what he was cited for), which he figured he could fight in court and maybe get off totally scot-free. Because not getting busted for street racing wasn't enough. Cut to post number 4 on the thread: the "Ask an Officer" response from user M Davis, a local police officer, falls into the category of "priceless" and the OrlandoForums thread is spreading like wildfire to enthusiast forums all over the place. 28 pages and counting.

Ticket for going to - :: #1 Online Community for Central Florida
Hondaej2nr, the original poster, is not the most popular guy in Central Florida at the moment.

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