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Thanks for posting this!

This is Sasha Anis, from G1 Racing. I just thought I'd stop in here and share a bit more about the race with you Genesis owners.

The rain was horrible for us as we were fighting with rear axle problems all weekend. Without a way to align the car I found myself with a huge amount of rear toe in for the race. It was by far the worst race of my life, especially since it was my first time back in CCTCC since 2007.

Thankfully we had some redemption Sunday after a late night back at the shop (we towed the car back to SG in Brampton to align it, corner balance it, and change the setup slightly). Starting from the back I made my way through the touring cars and even a couple Super Touring cars and finished 11th in class, running the pace of the top 7 or so cars.

We've got a lot of development still planned for this season, but the cars are certainly improving. New dampers are on the way, and some more aerodynamic work will be required as we're fighting a ton of aero understeer right now.

I'll keep you guys updated as our season progresses and hopefully we'll be running near the front sooner than later!

[ame=]YouTube - G1 Racing #87 In-Car - Mosport June 13, 2010[/ame]

We'd love to have you guys out to a few races, check out for a schedule and if you can make it just send us an email and we'd be happy to have you!
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