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GenCoupe Problems/Issues...

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OK, all these problems with the GenCoupe has got me a little preturbed. Not so much that I would ever contemplate purchasing anything else but.

I wanna create a list here in the privacy of this forum of reoccuring problems so that this list doesn't get misconstrued or used as advertisement against Hyundai. I think this list will be somewhat shorter, concerns not occuring as often, nor as detrimental as the list created for the Camaro that we have debated.

I will begin and others can add on as they see fit.

1) rev hang (2.0)
2) M/T grind going into 5th (2.0)
3) M/T difficult engagement down shifting into lower gears
4) drivers 1/4 glass seperation
5) sunroof cover slides back on acceleration
6) passengers seat belt rattles against body panel
7) radio seizes when switching from ipod to phone etc
8) front bumper misalignment
9) rear bumper misalignment
10) rear bumper rattle
11) window vibrate when door is shut like loose
12) interior 1/4 panel rattle
13) headliner around sunroof rattle/squeak
14) loose sunroof frame screws
15) rear deck rattle
16) LED mirror lamps collecting moisture
17) burning anti-freeze odor when A/C is on
18) A/C blows warm at stops
19) jounce on uneven bumps
20) premature seat wear
21) faulty brake lamp switch
22) ignition switch/start button issues
23) melted head lamp (1 case)
24) Rear A/C full auto hot (sedan) (1 case)
25) front strut (1 case)
26) rear shock (1case)
27) RPMs surging at idle (1case)
28) front brakes click when backing (1 case)
29) warped sunroof & damaged gasket (1 case)

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Tufast, I agree with you. This is disturbing and does not seem to be a quality effort. That list is reminding me of the Camaro list. While all cars have issues, HYUNDAI should be and needs to be doing it better. All they need is for some signature pieces (GEN COUPE) to get a bad rep and that is major disaster for them. People with lower means will always buy the OTHER cheap Hyundai cars as they have little choice, but if you want to move upmarket (Genesis brand) and reestablish yourself as a competitor to other cars like Mustang etc., you need to be better on quality. If you are on par with quality and near equal on price, what pulls you in? This is looking somewhat bad at this point, especially when you consider the car has been out much longer in KOREA, these issues should just not be there at this point IMO.
Although the last 7 issues are single occurences, there are still 17 that have happened to multiple vehicles. That is way too many IMO for like you said a car that has already been out in Korea 6mos prior to arriving here. This stuff should of already been ironed out. What I want to see is how fast Hyundai jumps on it & straightens it out. That will determine how serious they are about becoming a "big" player.

I am in wait and see mode for the time being. Hopefully buy next year, they will have the details squared away. The problem for me, there are just not many cars out there right now, and of those out there, very few are members here, so who knows how widespread some of this stuff is.
Don't forget rear bumper misalignment where the bumper cover, 1/4 panel and tail light come together, as well as chirp/squeak/rattle from headliner around the sunroof opening and the loose sunroof frame screws . Oh yeah, and don't forget the infamous brake light switches that Hyundai bestowed upon us. And the LED signal housings in the mirrors that tend to collect condensation.

Out of the list I've had the following on my own car:

-- headliner noise (banged on it enough that I think it's stopped, no service ticket made)
-- the sunroof gasket squeak (fixed myself with occassional doses of silicone spray, no service ticket made)
-- the loose sunroof frame screws (fixed myself with loctite, no service ticket made)
-- the bad brake light switch (would have stranded me had it not happened in the parking lot at work, service ticket written and fixed under warranty)
-- the 1/4 window issue (which was fixed on Wednesday, service ticket written and fixed under warranty)
-- the misaligned rear bumper cover (not bad enough to justify having someone take my bumper apart, no service ticket made)
-- the LED signal housing condensation (service ticket written, fixed it myself under warranty )
-- a "clunking"or "popping" noise from the rear of the car either when I get in it or when I move the car t after it's been sitting for a while. It kind of sounds like a metal tank expanding or contracting, and it doesn't do it every day. It also sounds like a spring or brake that's in a bind. I haven't gotten them to look at it because I know all about random issues and noises. Until it does it regularly I'm not going to deal with it. (no service ticket written)

I never noticed the front bumper cover gap under the headlights, but after reading the procedure in the TSB, there is NO FREAKING WAY I'm letting anybody do that to my car. I'll live with a little bit of a gap that I never even noticed before, versus knowing that somebody who is nowhere near as careful as I am has loosened practically every single screw and bolt ahead of the radiator. No thank you, I'll learn to cope with it the way it is.

All of these issues seem minor to me, but that's because I'm looking at them one at a time. Reading over the list of the things I've actually experienced or are currently experiencing doesn't exactly instill confidence in me. It's not enough to make me want to get rid of my Coupe though. The car is not a rattletrap like my Cavalier was even tho it does have a couple noise issues., but I owned a 2002 Focus ZX5 that I put over 20k miles on and it didn't have a single problem. Not even one.

Thankfully we haven't had any of our Coupe customers complain about any of this stuff. We've ordered 1/4 glass panels for them but only because we knew it was happening to other cars and figured we could head off a problem before the customer noticed there was one.

I do know that the more issues everyone experiences, the more paranoid it makes them. I pay attention to every single aspect of my car now, where I didn't before.
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Updated the list..

By the way DD, did any of those additions that you mentioned qualify as one time occurences. That way I can not it in ().
Remember guys this list is for our eyes only. Last thing I want to come from this is bad publicity. I reiterate that I'm not happy about such a ling list on a Hyundai either & DD you know this is not the norm for Hyundai. I'm just glad I'm being patient & waiting to get mine, hoping that most of these minor issues will be addressed, but more importantly that the M/T issues are rectified.

Oh, just to let you know, of that list these things have occured or are presently occuring on my bimmer, though is is almost a decade old...LoL

1) passengers seat belt rattles against body panel
2) rear bumper rattle (fixed)
3) interior 1/4 panel rattle (fixed)
4) headliner around sunroof rattle/squeak
5) loose sunroof frame screws (fixed w/loctite)
6) rear deck rattle
7) ignition switch/start button issues - auto starter hangs up

Now there is a SHITLOAD of other problems my car has had since I've owned it & to be honest just too many to list..
But, just wanted to show what off our list applied to my $55K vehicle as well...

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One time occurence, like, it's only happened to me one time? Or like I'm the only person I know of that's had that problem?

The brake light switch failure was a one time occurence. It gave me no warning at all, it's not like it was an intermittent issue for a couple days before. It just failed without warning. On the other hand, knowing that it's the same part number as all the others, it's not exactly a unique experience. I have not heard or read of any other Coupes with this issue.

The condensation in the LED turn signal has happened to one other person that I've read or heard of, over on GenCoupe. Also after the driver's side was replaced, the one on the passenger side started to get condensation. Thankfully it went away and hasn't returned.

All of the others are definately NOT unique experiences to my car, nor did they just happen to me once then go away. The only exception would be the clunking/thunking noise from the rear of the car when I move it after it's been sitting still for a while. It's not in the body of the car, it's most definatly under the car. It's either suspension or brake related.

On a side note... Tufast, you know how we talked about Hyundai's parts stock problems with defective parts? Well, I had my quarter window replaced on Tuesday. I know that I inspected it very well after the glass guy got done, because I was checking for loose panels, possible broken clips, out of place weatherstripping, etc. The glass was nice and tight against the body of the car when I looked at it that day. I had the new window tinted Thursday. Today while I was on my lunch break I decided to clean the car up a bit with some Meguiar's detailing spray to get waterspots off from yesterday's rain. It was then that I noticed it... there is a small gap beginning to appear in the same exact area, along the top edge of the rearmost part of the moulding. Granted, it's not big, maybe a millimeter at most, but there was absolutely NO gap there yesterday or the day before. I have forced myself into a state of denial because I don't want to think about it. I was simply annoyed about it the first time, now I'm starting to get pissed off. I understand how the whole thing works... if they aren't aware that there's a problem, then they can't approach the vendor to come up with a better design, therefore all the replacement parts will have the same exact problem. Yeah yeah... it's doesn't make me any less angry.

Also, Kerry (our Parts/Service manager) heard me talking about having to pay to get my window retinted, and asked me why I paid for it myself... He said that Hyundai WILL pay to have it retinted because they don't see it being the customer's responsibility due to the fact that Hyundai's part failure is the cause for the replacement. I told him that I thought it was considered to be an accessory, but he told me that Hyundai will still pay for it. I'm not sure if it's something that he's just telling me so I can get reimbursed for the tint and not feel bad about it because the dealership is really the one paying for it, or if it's something he's been able to talk our DPSM into paying for. Either way, he told me to make a copy of my receipt for the tint and he'd get me reimbursed.
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If the replacements are defective also, this is going to get ugly. That means that every GC on the road is going to get this eventually. This is the sort of stuff that makes consumers think Hyundai is junk. You can't have glass popping out of cars.....period. How could this not be a problem in Korea? Makes no sense, unless we just don't know about it.

As far as the bumper etc., I think all plastic molded bumpers are garbage fit. My Ridgeline was the same way. I just lived with it as it was my driver and not a show car.
If the replacements are defective also, this is going to get ugly. That means that every GC on the road is going to get this eventually. This is the sort of stuff that makes consumers think Hyundai is junk. You can't have glass popping out of cars.....period. How could this not be a problem in Korea? Makes no sense, unless we just don't know about it.
I'm not sure how it's not a problem in Korea... We've replaced 4 so far: my car, the cashier's car, and 2 lot cars. On every single one of them, it wasn't just an issue of there being some separation between the stud and the glass... the rearmost stud had completely broken away from the glass. I was going to compare the numbers around the "Korean AutoGlass" stamp to see if they were possibly lot numbers and whether or not they were the same on the new glass vs. the old glass. Unfortunately I got kind of busy and didn't get a chance to. I'll try to get some pics of the way they were broken when I get back to work Monday.

I do see this becoming a major issue. Hyundai needs to have people out there that kind of "check the pulse" of things like this. Any blip needs to be investigated. It take YEARS to rebuild a reputation, but only one widely-spread incident to destroy it again.
Could not agree more, especially for the market they are trying to crack with this car. Too many proven cars to bring a car with quality issues to the table.
DD, when speaking of single incident, I'm talking about your car or someone else's car only vs there have been mutiple complaints from different people about same issue. A one time occurence does not worry me as these will happen from time to time & there is no way around it. But, a repetitive problem needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Glad to hear you may be able to get your tint covered. I've been told by my parts/service coordinator & DPSMs to let customers know that it was not covered. But, I think from here on out, I will just mention to the customer to send in a copy of receipt from tinting along with invoice from window repair & see if they will cover it. Won't hurt anything.

DD, since you seem be on top of this window gap thing, has your dealership made any moves toward making this problem known to Hyundai. The increase in ordering volume for this particular glass on a brand new car should throw up a red flag, but I was wondering if maybe I should contact my DPSM or someone higher up the line to address this concern.

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We contacted our DPSM as soon as we realized it was more than just my car, that it involved the majority of the Coupes on the lot. We also got a dealer traded 3.8 Track from somewhere in Texas, and when it arrived it had the gap as well.

I'm not sure if it's gone any higher than our DPSM. So far Warranty Technical Center has requested every single part we've replaced on Coupes (which unfortunately has only been mine... or maybe fortunately, depends on how you look at it lol). And they don't just want it back by ground, they always fax an overnight request. None of the warranty claims for quarter glass have been filed yet, but I'm certain when they do go through we will be receiving overnight requests from WTC. They will definately have to sit up and take notice then.
^^^I agree that they will notice when all the duplicate parts keep getting replaced.

When we swapped out the 2.0t M/T 6sp, they had the replacement transmission out to us in 48hrs. Considering it was so new I was suprised they have one available. They also asked for the old one right back, I'm hoping to inspect & improve upon.

Anyone seen the thermistors go out? We've had a couple in the Dallas area.
Anyone seen the thermistors go out? We've had a couple in the Dallas area.
Man I haven't seen a thermister probe go out in a long time, hell I thought they stopped designing the a/c systems with them I haven't seen one go out in so long. What are they doing, freezing up?

P.S My shop foreman confirmed with me today that tech line does realize that there is a problem with the quarter glass seperation, but they didn't know that there was a problem until we brought it to their attention. Also; they already know about the transmission grinding issues & are inspecting the M/T assemblies to see what needs to be done to rectify it.

Nope, no thermistors. We've done tons of thermistors on the EF Sonatas though.

We now have our first official complaint from a non-employed Coupe owner tho.

He's actually one of the members here, his name is David, screen name Shadowynd. He's got a 2.0t Track with manual trans. He's complaining of a 5th gear grind that he says has now progressed into nearly every gear. Our lead tech, who is also our best transmission guy, called TechLine and explained the situation. Their answer was "What we are recommending for these cases is to switch the MT fluid to Red Line 75W90-NS." I thought it was interesting that they had an answer immediately, so apparently this is a growing problem. Not to mention that Red Line fluid is not available anywhere around here so we had to order it over the internet. I got a case of 12 quarts because we have one other customer with a manual trans Coupe and a couple still out on the lot. Twelve qts should cover 4 vehicles.

When we get it in and get David's fluid changed I'll let you guys know if it made a difference.
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^^^ I added P.S to above post: "P.S My shop foreman confirmed with me today that tech line does realize that there is a problem with the quarter glass seperation, but they didn't know that there was a problem until we brought it to their attention.

Also; they already know about the transmission grinding issues & are inspecting the M/T assemblies to see what needs to be done to rectify it."

Tech Line told us to change the fluid in Brandon's car (Bozz26) on here & we did, but didn't use Redline because it ws not readily available. Tech Line only stated to use 75W90 & we had CarQuest deliver what they had, Quaker State 75W90 gear oil, which I wasn't happy about, but my Parts & Svc Coordinator told me to use it. After installing the new gear oil, the grinding was no better & probably worse, so Tech Line then told us to order a new M/T unit. The new unit arrived 2 days later & we swapped them out. A little while later Hyundai called back the transmission & we sent it in.

What I don't understand is that Hyundai has a 75W90 API GL-4 gear oil already, part #08950-00010-A, as per TSB 02-40-021.

The Red Line 75W90-NS is API rating GL-5. I don't know if that's the difference between the two that matters, but I also don't know why they would recommend a different brand fluid that's the same viscosity as the fluid Hyundai has already.
well...fwiw on the 6spds on the tibs, I would always put syn. gear lube in. Red line is a well used oil with the GK group. Seemed to help alot with some issues.
Red LIne just makes the best lube oils out there IMO. I will be running Red Line in my M/T & rear diff.

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