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GenCoupe Problems/Issues...

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OK, all these problems with the GenCoupe has got me a little preturbed. Not so much that I would ever contemplate purchasing anything else but.

I wanna create a list here in the privacy of this forum of reoccuring problems so that this list doesn't get misconstrued or used as advertisement against Hyundai. I think this list will be somewhat shorter, concerns not occuring as often, nor as detrimental as the list created for the Camaro that we have debated.

I will begin and others can add on as they see fit.

1) rev hang (2.0)
2) M/T grind going into 5th (2.0)
3) M/T difficult engagement down shifting into lower gears
4) drivers 1/4 glass seperation
5) sunroof cover slides back on acceleration
6) passengers seat belt rattles against body panel
7) radio seizes when switching from ipod to phone etc
8) front bumper misalignment
9) rear bumper misalignment
10) rear bumper rattle
11) window vibrate when door is shut like loose
12) interior 1/4 panel rattle
13) headliner around sunroof rattle/squeak
14) loose sunroof frame screws
15) rear deck rattle
16) LED mirror lamps collecting moisture
17) burning anti-freeze odor when A/C is on
18) A/C blows warm at stops
19) jounce on uneven bumps
20) premature seat wear
21) faulty brake lamp switch
22) ignition switch/start button issues
23) melted head lamp (1 case)
24) Rear A/C full auto hot (sedan) (1 case)
25) front strut (1 case)
26) rear shock (1case)
27) RPMs surging at idle (1case)
28) front brakes click when backing (1 case)
29) warped sunroof & damaged gasket (1 case)

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ive been using problems.
Well it looks like the GenCoupes are on the upswing with minimal issues out of recent production date released vehicles. Case-in-point, my R-Spec has not had a single issue that has needed addressing. I admit to a slight gap on driver's side of hood by the head lamp, but it doesn't bother me. Other than that, perfectly fine. I have noticed less issues needing attention on lot cars as well. Hopefully the bugs are finally being worked out & the following production dates will be just fine.

21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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