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Genesis 2.0 Top speed

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A bunch of genesis coupe videos!!

Well I'm back again with more videos lol. This video is 100-200km video. Dam bkmania is holding out on us, but I will dig more stuff up.. I posted some videos, but here is the link. It's to many videos to post on here. Well I gave you three, but here are more... Ä«Æä
Of course all the ones with play signs are videos lol....

Genesis Coupe2.0 turbo
3.8 supercharged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Uh, I just take a break, get something to eat, use the bathroom, whatever, then come back & hope it's finally finished uploading & pray it's not crap,.But still got nothing but love genesis2.0t, at least you're trying.

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