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Genesis Coupe Ad being shown during the pre game show.

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On Tuesday afternoon, Hyundai announced that it had indeed rethought its lineup. There will be one spot in the game for Hyundai Assurance, and one saluting the 2009 Genesis sedan for winning a “car of the year” award.

One spot for the Genesis coupe, with the rock musician Billy Corgan, is being moved to the pregame show, where Hyundai will also run a second spot for Hyundai Assurance along with a second spot for the Genesis sedan. Those three commercials will earn Hyundai a title sponsorship of that program.

In the end, the other spot for the Genesis coupe, featuring the cellist Yo-Yo Ma, “didn’t make the cut,” said Joel Ewanick, vice president for marketing at Hyundai Motor America.

Asked how Mr. Ma could make the inauguration ceremony but not the Super Bowl, Mr. Ewanick laughed and replied that the Ma spot would run instead during the Academy Awards on Feb. 22.
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so i'm gonna have to watch the pregame AND the game AND the half time just to catch all the genesis commercials??? there goes that day... hopefully the commercials will make it worth the time... also excited to see danica in the shower for godaddy!!!
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