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Genesis sedan top rated upscale sedan

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People just don't get it. When Honda first came to the US they were total rust buckets. I know a guy with 210k on his Santa Fe. It seems that there is a quicker track record for HYUNDAI than with Honda. Honda used to be cheap also in order to get buyers. Thi sguy is on track, except people that have money (real millionaires, not wanna be look at me I have money) do NOT like to throw money around, or they would not have the money they do. That theory is for those that do not, but want you to think they do. I read a great book 5 years ago or so that said the #1 vehicle driven by people with a net worth of a million dollars was the F150.

"I believe the Genesis can top the rankings. Everything I read says it's a great car. The problem is, people don't buy luxury cars for purely objective reasons. You want to show people that you have $$$ to throw around. It's like buying an Armani suit or Rolex. Despite any great engineering, the Genesis is still a Hyundai; it does not give you the equivalent prestige of other brands - at least not in the near future.

So the results are arguable. If your criteria are objective things like acceleration, comfort, spaciousness, etc., then yes, Consumer Reports is plausible. If the objective is to describe the true purpose of luxury cars, then I would pick a model from a more established brand. We can't help it if people are brand-conscious. "
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I found this review of the sedan. Seems to compare with the premium cars just fine. Hopefully the Coupe interior is pretty nice quality.

2010 Hyundai Genesis - Consumer Guide Automotive
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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