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So were going to giveaway to one lucky member a 2008 SEMA Rhys Millen Hyundai Genesis poster that we got at SEMA. All you have to do is register be a member and have 10 posts. We are going to give everyone until Dec 31st then we will draw a winner of all eligible. Good Luck!


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Ohhhh nice poster! Is this coming framed too? :)
Unfortunately this will not be framed. For ease of shippig we're just going to ship it using a mailing tube.

Well dang it....

My buddies that went should have got me one but they didnt. Time to hand out some whoopins!
Oh that's right you had some guys goto the show. Man I would put a hurt'n on those guys!


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hmmmm.....10 posts you say.....

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Results are in! Are you on the list?

Ok guys, as of midnight this morning I went and pulled a report to see who all had met the minimum post requirement to be eligible for the RMR poster. I'll post the members later tonight and over the weekend we'll draw a winner. Thanks to everyone who made the first ever giveaway a success!


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Users who are Eligable for the Rhys Millen Poster

Here is the list of users with at least 10 posts or more. We will hold the drawing this weekend and inform everyone on Sunday night who the winner is.

User and No. of Posts (As of 12:01 AM Jan. 1, 2009)
Tufast - 488
jrod - 129
poweraxel - 99
genesis2.0t - 88
gtsolutions - 83
usagi - 61
sebas007 - 41
fastcoupe - 40
gsxtuner - 39
[email protected] - 30
Lord_Nikon - 28
tmwtmp100 - 27
Kevin - 27
Wizzy - 24
PTPerformance - 22
turbocoupe87 - 22
uneedthis2 - 21
audioxbliss - 16
ij.kang - 16
ralliartist - 13
smok3fox - 12
grimmitmobile - 12
bkboy - 12
jmdm212 - 11
[email protected] - 11
shangrila_joker - 10
rich_hobo - 10


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Jrod where ya' been?

Jrod, glad to see you are still around, haven't heard from you in a while. Thought I was gonna have to pack up my ban stick & go on a hunt. But' since your back, I'll just sit it in the corner for now.:jump:

P.S. sabbasaun, do me a favor & remove me from the drawing.

I've already got a GenCoupe poster on my wall & I'd rather see one of these other guys/gals get this one. I'm not greedy & just happy to have the support for this site that we do.
Keep up the good work & stay involved, not much longer until we have these things sitting in our drive ways & pics of our own GenCoupes on this forum.


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...and the winner is!!!

Firstly thanks again for everyone and their participation in the forums.... we realize that without you guys this site would not be what it is today and it will continue to grow in the future with guys like you all... and on that note some pictures to prove this was a legit drawing and we didn't just pick who we wanted to win...

and the winner is.....
Smok3FOX!! Congrats Smok3!!

Smok3 has 7 days to respond to us via email (genesisforums at or via PM to me with a name and address. If by that time Smok3 does not respond our runner up [email protected] will get next shot at the RMR poster.

Thanks again for everyone who participates on the forums. We plan on having more giveaways and prizes in the future so stay tuned!

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