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There's a huge difference in price between the four and v8. The v8 only comes with the sedan version of the car (I hear because of clearance problems with the coupe which looks very different than the sedan). The coupe comes with either a turbo four 2.0l world (or theta) engine, or a 300HP 3.8l v6 called the lambda engine. I believe prices are not set for the coupe although everyone is guessing they'll start at low 20k for the base model and goes up from there. The v8 model sedan sells for over 37k (because it's mainly a luxury car). The coupe isn't for sale until spring of next year. The v6 version of the sedan is already one sale though.

Ths link gives good info on the sedan: The New Hyundai Genesis
This link gives good info on the coupe: Hyundai Genesis Coupe
You can find details about two of the engines (the theta and lambda engines):
I haven't seen any details about the v8 engine (tau engine), I'll try to dig some up.
Pricing info on the sedan can be found here: Hyundai Motor America - 2009 Hyundai Genesis

Hey PTPerformance, the coupe isn't out yet but you may want to wait for that as it's supposed to be more sports car oriented. Check out some of the difting videos of the car from Korea.

Glad to have you aboard!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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