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My name is Luis Vega and im more or less going nuts about FINALLY getting a factory 4cyl turbo rwd platform from the manufactures again. As a diehard nissan man for the last DECADE, i had hoped they would make a new s-chassis but alas that was not to happen. Oh well, now to the important stuff for you guys!

I am rushing to finalize my new design group, GT Solutions. My goal is to stay small and design parts for bolt on applications on the shop's gen coupe (it will be my car!!). It will be the turbo model (obviously!) and will get a turboback/fmic/intake for starters. I am a vertern CAD Designer with a passion for cars so my goal is to use my 3d modeling skills to create engineered parts with computer generated flow and thermal testing. All parts will be tested on the shop car as a street and race platform. The car will campain in REDLINE time attacks on the east coast and select track days and other events. I am also hoping to talk with a couple companies for coilover and sway bar options as well and sell those along side our parts. My goal is to provide the best parts out there for this car!!

I have so much to do before the car arrives to the states but i figured i would at least say HI and let yall know what we got cooking!
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