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We talked with the guys at Hennessey Performance about the two GT40s they had on display at SEMA. They were kind of hard to miss and hear. When we were walking around outside we could hear the sweet sound of 1000HP engines revving. Oh what a sweet sound it was too. As soon as I heard the cars running I had to walk over to them and check them out and take a few snaps. After we took some pics and vids we talked with Dave at Hennessey and he gave us some details on the cars.

Each car had 1000+HP but they achieve it in different ways. The world speed record car uses only two Turbonetic turbos pushing about 20 psi and the other second generation kit uses a combination of both the factory supercharger AND a set of twin turbos pushing about 12.5 psi of boost. With the latter you get the low RPM power from the supercharger and in the higher RPMs the turbo's take over. It's the best of both worlds.

See the complete album here: - GT40-Hennessey

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