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Hey there gang!!

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Well I think you can guess what car I'm coming from, and I think we all know what we're awaiting as well. I can't wait to sell my 01 accord coupe (my first car, great memories, and awesome time modifying it and competing in sound-off's with my monster system) and get a brand new Genesis coupe. I'm so pumped for this car as it will be my first worth-while car to modify seeing as I'll definitely get the 4cyl turbo and it is RWD :clap: I'm a big part of the tuner scene in central Jersey and hope to make a presence with my Genesis once I have it where I'd like to be (around 300rwhp/tq and a nice suspension set up with simple yet sporty rims). I also hope to contribute what I can to this website.
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Welcome aboard. This is a pretty informative forum with a great bunch of guys/gals. So enjoy your stay & halla if you have any questions.

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