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As you'd expect from a sales market that's fallen as far as the U.S. automotive industry itself, there are plenty of good deals to be had for the savvy new car shopper. Last month, for example, Edmunds estimates that the average new car last month was available with $2,714 in rebates. That represents a 12.5% average increase over exactly one year ago. The biggest rebates are on leftover 2008 models which themselves accounted for an unusually high 27% of new car sales in January.

Not surprisingly, American manufacturers lead the rebate pack with an average of $3,438 per vehicle sold last month, followed, oddly enough, by European automakers with $3,297. Korean brands averaged $2,963 per vehicle and Japanese brought up the rear with $1,775 in rebates per vehicle. Interestingly, Toyota is at near record levels in monthly rebates as a brand, but it was Chrysler that led all automakers with a whopping $4,196 per vehicle. See the press release after the jump for a further breakdown.

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