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"my 2c worth of advice...

...get the price of the car deal you want - without any trade - if you want to trade bring it up later and you'll get a "real" trade value...or sell it on your own for most $$.

...let them think you might finance it with'll get a better 'price' as they'll think they're getting financing $ in the deal...then show up with cash.

...don't buy when the car comes out. I don't care what you say, they'll know you want it ...bad. up in a POS car, not some other sports car you'll be selling to buy this one. Or if you don't own a SC, make it some other SUV or smthg, preferably not new or expensive.

...don't lease the'll likely get hosed no matter what the numbers look like.

....don't fawn all over the car, rather act like it's just a car, abiet a nice one, and tell them you'll consider it...all in *your* due time.

...Question: "What do we need to do to get you to buy today" (put a deposit down today?)" Answer: "There's nothing you can do , I'm not buying today. But if you can get your price down some more...give me a call. I've got other cars to look at first."

I copied this from another forum because I thought it was good & concise. The authur's name is spin.

Also; here's a couple of short cuts with detailed info on how to save during your purchase

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