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Hyundai Coupe not even fully assembled yet?

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Production Hyundai Coupe not fully assembled yet?

Here's a news article from that tells of hyundai's plans to build a $600 million dollar plant in Brazil in November. but whats interesting is it mentions that the Genesis Coupe is not even fully assembled yet because of the labor walkouts causing Hyundai to cancel there big events.:mad:

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Man seems like Hyundai is having some unfortunate issues over there. Hopefully everything gets worked out for the best and equally for everyone so everyone is happy and a good product is released on time. I cant wait to drive the car myself!

From everything I've read it sounds more like the union is greedy. I mean, who would turn down a 5.6% raise in an economy like this? Also they were to get a bonus, a lot of people don't get bonuses in crappy times. I also read that they've went on strike 8 of the last 9 years. That's sounds more like greed to me than anything. If the company is so bad that you have to strike almost every year, just leave. Otherwise, shut up and take what they give you. Sheesh! OK, off my soap box now.
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