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Hyundai Genesis Coupe E-Brochure

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Courtesy of Hyundai, a very detailed colorful e-brochure of the Genesis Coupe. Staff


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Can anyone translate?

LOL @ p3, 'The Climax of Passion'
Man I have been try'n to get Civic's wife to translate for us but I think she's to get paid or something!!

^I fixed it. It got re-arranged some how when I was translating it. Maybe you can do the rest..
Thanks for the work you have done, I'm gonna ask a buddy to see if he can do some more. Although from what I can see the Koreans really like to cheese it up a tad!

Its so Damn sexy, i can't wait.
Did anyone hear about the R-Spec Coupe around 2010?
Welcome to the Forums Eurokid! The base and Track models should be out by Spring '09 and the R-Spec will be available in Fall of '09. All models will be 2010 model years. The R-Spec looks very appealing as it should have the lowest weight of any of the models although it only will come with the turbo-4.

1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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