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Hyundai gives horsepower ratings for 2 fuel grades

What's my horsepower? Well, it depends on the gasoline you're using--premium or regular.

Last fall, Hyundai decided to provide the horsepower ratings of its new 4.6-liter V-8 with premium and regular fuel. John Krafcik, acting CEO of Hyundai Motor America, said the information will be provided for vehicles with Hyundai's performance engines--future four-cylinder engines with turbocharging.

"People should know what the horsepower difference is between regular and premium" gasoline, Krafcik said in an interview. "When they are investing in the extra 20 cents a gallon, they know precisely what they are getting."

The V-8 using premium gets 375 horsepower. Regular gasoline reduces horsepower to 368, or 1.9 percent less, Krafcik said. Torque is unchanged. Both gasoline blends are acceptable. The engine is offered in the 2009 Genesis sedan.

The percentage of horsepower loss will be greater for turbocharged engines, Krafcik said. It will depend on the specific engine and the turbocharging system.

Most automakers offer engines with the recommendation for premium fuel, but many say that regular fuel is acceptable, Krafcik said.

"We want to tell you the horsepower difference," he said. "It is being transparent. Most automakers have that information. Why not share it?"
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