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Hyundai Plans Premium Division

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Hyundai Plans Premium Division, Rival For Infiniti And Lexus0October 20th, 2010

Hyundai wants a premium brand, capable of attracting the European customers and steal some of Infiniti’s and Lexus’ customers. The first model of the Koreans might be the Hyundai Genesis coupe.

The success the Japanese rivals at Nissan and Toyota enjoy with their luxury divisions made a lot of automakers jealous, but also meant a new challenge for the other car builders in the premium segment. Now, it seems that Hyundai wants to launch a luxury division to rival Infiniti and Lexus, and the first step in this direction might be made in the next three years.

The Asian conglomerate wants a premium brand, capable of fighting the Japanese and bring a new range of models on the market. According to the first information, Hyundai plans to use the new division to launch the Genesis coupe on the Great Britain market and then all-over Europe.

The sporty model will test the public’s reaction on the Old Continent to the idea of a Korean luxury brand, preparing the field for other two important models. If the welcoming is warm, we could be able to see in the Hyundai premium range a mid-size sedan and also a full-size luxury car which will be the flag ship of the line-up, positioned in Lexus LS’ segment.

If everything goes as planned we would be able to see first premium South Korean cars on the European roads in 2013.

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I think they would still make a cheaper version and a luxury more expensive version. Similar to 370z and G cars.
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