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Here is the Genesis Coupe commercial pre released. Video is below Enjoy!!

Also make your own video: check out the thread and post your videos!

[ame=""][/ame] - Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial: "Epic Lap"


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I know that they were trying to get as many of the different shots in the epic lap as possible, that way everyone would have an idea of what material they would have to use for the create your own commercial. But, that was almost too much info for my eyes to take in & allow my brain to process, jumping from one view piont to another. Yet, it did get my adrenalin pumping & make me want to go buy one.

I think all the commercials are good, but the angry bosses & columns are awesome. Columns actually made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. I'm so excited for Hyundai, this company deserves it in IMO. They are working hard to give us, the customer, what we desire. Kudos Hyundai keep it coming & don't let us down.

R-Spec, R-Spec, R-Spec....w00t, w00t

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