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Here is some pricing I found based off the price in Korea. Sorry if this is old news. Feels free to delete if this is a dup.

First Hyundai Genesis Coupe commercial hits Korea, pricing revealed - [email protected]

I also found this about Gale Banks looking to work on the cars.

While production hasn’t officially begun, Hyundai wanted aftermarket firms to get a head start on development. Among the companies represented at the “measuring” session were HKS, Garrett-Honeywell and Gale Banks Engineering. John Espino, an engineer for Gale Banks, said “I’m more excited about this [the 2.0-liter turbo] than I am about that one [the V6].” However, in addition to turbocharger and intercooler upgrades for the boosted 2.0-liter, Gale Banks plans to develop a supercharger for the V6.
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