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I'm excited about the Genesis Coupe Turbo, how about you?

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Hi everyone :)

I'm Dr Tweak, of Phoenix Tuning ( Phoenix Tuning Home: We specialize in Toyota Engine Swaps & Wiring Harness Conversions - located in Savannah, GA ) and I just wanted to drop in to introduce myself.

Over the past several years we have busy doing performance work and engine swaps on Toyota cars and trucks, which you can see if you check out our website. In recent years though, Toyota has saddened me with their lack of any decent performance platforms or engines.

When I saw the Genesis prototype last year it really piqued my interest. Then when the information about the turbo engine came out, that really caught my attention. The plan aren't set in stone, but I'm seriously thinking about picking up a Coupe as soon as they come out, and working on some upgrades for us.

Some things that come to mind that I would do right away:

- Stainless steel mandrel bent tig-welded exhaust
- Downpipe
- High-density core intercooler upgrade
- True cold-air intake
- Stainless steel braided hoses and lines for everything
- Bolt-on turbo upgrade
- Bolt-on turbo and manifold upgrade
- Whatever else you guys would like to see

Well that's about it, if anyone has any questions feel free to reply to this thread, PM, or email me at [email protected] , I'm looking forward to some exciting times ahead! :)

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Oh you got it right, I love the sleepers!

I'm thinking probably a Garrett GT28 variant to start with, followed by possibly a GT30R. Yeah, I'm going to probably have some feelers out there for a spare engine as soon as I buy it. I'll see how far I can take the limit before we blow it :D

So, do you have a Genesis right now?

Thank you guys for the warm welcome. One other thought I've had is swapping the 4.6 liter Tau engine into the coupe, that might be cool... :)

1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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