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Is the Hyundai Genesis Coupe Delayed?

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About an hour ago the Korean times and other news sources released some VERY bad news. Firstly the unveiling of the Hyundai Genesis Coupe has been delayed because of labor relations. Secondly, this is REALLY crappy news to us here at because we had sent a person there to cover the special Launch and Road Party event for the coupe! What does this mean for us here in the States? It's hard to say but the special Launch event AND the Road Party was delayed. I'm interested to know how Hyundai America Feels about this.

Read more about the story below:

Union, Tactless Management Pin Hyundai

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yes this sucks!

Man what a reporter with this breaking news! This does suck.:cry:
Man what a reporter with this breaking news! This does suck.:cry:
Yeah, talk about bad timing!!

Update: Launch Show and Road Show New Schedule

Well looks like they have rescheduled the Events. I've attached the Launching Show and Road Show info. From what I can gather:

Event 1:
October 7th will be the special Invite show, only 40 people are going to that.
October 15th will be the Bailing House Live Concert and Dinner Party

Event 2:
October 9th-12 will be the Hyundai Genesis Coupe Downtown Road Show

Hopefully the labor strikes will be over by then and the car can finally get released.


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Korean Show

So is your reporter going to try and go to these events?:)
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