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Just days after introducing what are sure to be two of its best cars in over a decade, Jaguar, along with its partner-in-crime Land Rover, has announced that it's trimming some 450 workers from its global ranks. Hardest hit will be management, which will see its membership drop by about 300 employees, with the remaining 150 coming from J-LR's hourly staff. It probably goes without saying why the reductions are necessary, but here it goes anyway... Sales were down in 2008 due to a poor global economy and the general lack of available credit, and 2009 isn't expected to shape up much better. Fewer cars sold means fewer workers are necessary to build them and a smaller pot is available to pay from.

J-LR, which is now owned by Tata Motors of India, still has four manufacturing sites in England and is hoping that the government in the U.K. will offer some form of assistance to the remaining automotive sector, but so far, none has come

Click above for high-res image gallery of the 2010 Jaguar XFR

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