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Hello everyone,

I wanted to jump in and start a thread. I am here to lurk and wait. I have built a bunch of cars. Drifted, autoxed (for fun), did a rallyx (for fun) and build cars (again for fun).

I run a local forum with a lot of maniacs. Also a site for stickers, signs and car graphics. Third started an aftermarket part firm with R&D for one off parts & installs.

Thought I would say hello and add that I can't wait to see how this car shapes up when it hits our shores.

I own / owned some 240sx (s), wrx (s), Toyota trucks etc. All fun times.


Good to meet you all.

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Welcome StanBo, enjoy the site & like sabba said, anybody that likes to build/race cars for fun is our type of guy.

Asfor the transmission, we have some details in that thread, but I'm afraid we will not really know anythinng til we get our hands on one. I feel that the transmission or at least clutch may be a weak point, but hope it's only the clutch, since I plan on upgrading that anyway.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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