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Hello everyone,

I wanted to jump in and start a thread. I am here to lurk and wait. I have built a bunch of cars. Drifted, autoxed (for fun), did a rallyx (for fun) and build cars (again for fun).

I run a local forum with a lot of maniacs. Also a site for stickers, signs and car graphics. Third started an aftermarket part firm with R&D for one off parts & installs.

Thought I would say hello and add that I can't wait to see how this car shapes up when it hits our shores.

I own / owned some 240sx (s), wrx (s), Toyota trucks etc. All fun times.


Good to meet you all.

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Figured I would add some pictures as well.

Old pictures:


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Thanks. Right now I just weld up and fab what is needed for my guys. I am interested in the genesis for a new toy. Seems like it has some potential.

Would like to know the differencial type and size. Transmission information etc.

I would hope that the 4 cylinder trans will hold up to additional hp and Tq.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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