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Kia, Hyundai, Subaru Fare Best In March 2009 Sales

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Kia, Hyundai, Subaru Fare Best In March 2009 Sales

Both Kia and Hyundai kept their March 2009 sales nearly even with their sales in March of 2008. As the March 2009 auto sales reports roll in, it's clear that the South Koreans have a good thing going with their product reinventions, newly-found styling identities, and Hyundai's industry-first buyer protection program. Subaru, as well, led by its impressive 2009 Forester small car-based SUV, managed a negligable sales decline for for March '09 compared to that month one year ago.

The German brands Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, and Porsche brands held up the middle of the March sales decreases, while high-volume Honda, Nissan/Infiniti, and Mitsubishi suffered the worst March losses when compared to their performance in March 2008.

Most companies enjoyed sales increases in March, leading some analysts to believe that the worst of the auto sales disaster is behind us.

March sales numbers are below; percent declines are in comparison to March 2008 sales.

•Kia Motors America: March sales of 24,724, a decrease of o.5 percent.

•Subaru of America: March sales of 16,249, a decrease of 3 percent.

•Hyundai Motor America: March sales of 40,721, a decrease of 5 percent.

•Audi of America: March sales of 6,433, a decrease of 19.4 percent.

•Volkswagen of America: March sales of 15,720, a decrease of 19.7 percent.

•BMW North America (Includes MINI): March sales of 21,125, a decrease of 22.9 percent.

•Porsche Cars North America: March sales of 1,749, a decrease of 29 percent.

•Acura: March sales of 9,005, a decrease of 29.5 percent.

•Honda: March sales of 79,374, a decrease of 34.2 percent.

•Nissan/Infiniti: March sales of 66,634, a decrease of 37.7 percent.

•Mitsubishi Motors North America: March sales of 4,620, a decrease of 57 percent.
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