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BMW is facing the unenviable task of telling over a thousand applicants that they will not be receiving a new electric MINI E. Apparently, the German automaker has taken applications from around 1,800 people that would like to drive home in one of 450 available vehicles. Of course, that means that the majority of those wanting a MINI E won't get one.

Just to be considered for the program, a potential driver must live near Los Angeles, New York or New Jersey and must not require a range longer than the battery-powered MINI can provide. Other requirements include a lockable garage that can accept a built-in charger and a willingness to shell out $850 per month for a one-year lease.

The backlog of applications has caused a delay in getting the cars out to dealers. Originally, the EV MINIs were scheduled for delivery around the beginning of the year, but now the cars aren't expected to arrive in driveways until April.

Click above for high-res gallery of the MINI E

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