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More details on the Superbowl ads

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I know this has been covered, but I found 2 paragraphs that have detailed interesting info in BOLD, enjoy.

Hyundai Motor will air five 30-second TV spots during Sunday's broadcast of Super Bowl XLIII on NBC. The ads tout the new Hyundai Genesis Coupe, the company's recently launched Hyundai Assurance program, and the fact that the Genesis sedan was named "2009 North American Car of the Year."

The media buy also includes title sponsorship of the Super Bowl XLIII "Kick-Off Show Presented by the Hyundai Genesis, '2009 North American Car of the Year'," airing Sunday. Hyundai will air three 30-second spots during the pre-game and two during the game itself.

Two of the pre-game ads promote both the Genesis sedan and the Genesis Coupe. The Genesis Coupe ad features a soundtrack written and performed by Smashing Pumpkins. The third pre-game ad is for the Hyundai Assurance program that enables customers who lose their jobs or incur medical disability to return their new Hyundai vehicles.

In the second and third quarter of the game, Hyundai will run two new spots touting the Genesis Sedan's car-of-the-year win and the Assurance program, respectively.

One of the ads shows the Genesis sedan from the front cruising between columns and through puddles, while a voiceover says: "Right about this time a year ago the Genesis sedan made its debut along with the rather assertive suggestion that Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus would somehow be less than enthused about its arrival." Then, as the ad switches to a quick teaser shot of the new coupe, V/O continues: "Wait till they see what we have for them this year.... You know, this is getting kind of fun."

Two ads for the Assurance program carry messages like: "In times like these, buying a new car is a big commitment. So what about the company selling it to you--how committed are they?" and "Whenever you buy a new car, you have to sign a contract. But what about the company selling it to you? Where's their signature?" The ads direct viewers to for details.

Said Joel Ewanick, vice president of marketing, in a release: "We feel that the collection of ads strikes the right emotional tones, blending enthusiasm, honesty and a little humor to share the great news about Genesis sedan, debut Genesis Coupe and communicate our most timely value proposition, Hyundai Assurance."

The Genesis Coupe ad, featuring performance driving by racer Rhys Millen, directs consumers to edit your own homes for at, where visitors can create their own Genesis Coupe ad

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I know this has been covered, but I found 2 paragraphs that have detailed interesting info in BOLD, enjoy.
Good insight on the commercials. Thanks for pointing it out.

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