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My next adventure Seattle to Portland

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My next adventure Seattle to Portland

Well I'm on to my next adventure I registered for the Seattle to Portland Road Bike event. Its July 12, 13
Its a 205 Mile ride and I'm doing it with 3 other people on my team 2 girls,1 guy(contemplating making it Team

I went out and got a new bike today A 2009 Schwinn Fastback Elite (Tufast with love this its has carbon fiber parts). So tomorrow I start vigoursly training.:clap:

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It weighs 20lbs you can lift it with 2 fingers easy.
I did 30 miles today and was dead at the end took about 1:30. So we were going at a pretty good rate of speed I think i need to pace myself a little better.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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