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A couple SEMAs ago, we stumbled across a carbon-fiber Lotus Exige that had our salivary glands working overtime. With Colin Chapman's ethos of "adding lightness" to his designs, it seemed like the perfect application of the super-strong lightweight material on an already featherweight Lotus sportscar. We've been hoping to see something similar on the road and it looks like we'll have to travel across the Pacific to check it out in person. Thanks to a tipster, we know now that there is at least one other CF-cloaked Lotus and it resides in Hong Kong with custodian Jimmy Wong.

TW Auto Limited, a Hong Kong Lotus and turbocharging specialist, built the car in about six months. As you'll see in the pics, carbon fiber coats the entire exterior of this 2002 Elise, along with almost every panel inside. Even if it only shaves about 80 pounds from the curb weight, it looks thoroughly sinister. We're digging the way it highlights the car's curves, particularly around the gas filler. Although the engine remains fairly stock, it does feature an upgraded air filter and intake, plus a Stage 2 Lotus Racing Exhaust. The car was also fitted with a KW Suspension and JP Racing Wheels. For more pictures, check out the gallery cribbed from Flickr.

Click above for full gallery of pics of this carbon-fiber Lotus Elise

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