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Hi there.

My name is Mike Litsch. I work for DiabloSport Inc., a world wide leader in mostly domestic gas and diesel handheld tuning solutions.

We have been watching this market for a while now, and we are strongly considering the idea of bringing a handheld tuner/remote custom tuning solution to the Genesis world.

Some of you may be familiar with some of our past and current offerings. We've been offering full custom tuning for the entire Mustang lineup since the late 90s, we were the first to ever offer any tuning for the 05+ Corvette applications, we offer the only true custom tuning solution for all 05-current HEMI vehicles, and we even have a very strong presence in the SRT4 Neon market....yeah, we like tuning boosted vehicles too :)

I'm here to gauge interest, and do a little homework, thus I have a few questions for the community....

So far with the limited info I have gathered, it looks like the 09-12 2.0T models are pretty similar, and use the same PCM. The 13 got an electronic WG and some other changes, but is it the same PCM?
Whats up with the 3.8 V6...seems to be the most untapped market. How many V6 guys are out there ready to shell out some cash for a handheld device that ships with preloaded tunes for premium fuel, allows end user adjustments to specific parameters, and can accept custom tunes from our CMR software through tuning dealers (via email or on the dyno), and allows datalogging, code reading/clearing, etc...?
Same for the 5.0 guys....I haven't seen anything for them yet (maybe I haven;t looked hard enough?).

Can anyone provide part numbers for the various PCMs? That gets the ball rolling :)
Anyone have a spare PCM they would like to get rid of?

I've heard some rumors of an open source project....anyone working on that who may prefer to get paid, well, hit me up ;)

We're open to talk with any of the companies currently offering tuning solutions, as we can offer a huge worldwide distribution network, and these types of collaborations can be good for everyone in the long run. :shifting:

I promise I'm not here to sell anything, and I hope there are no vendor rules being broken here. I promise we'll sign up to support the forum the day we have something to sell you guys, just like we do on countless other forums currently :)

Anyone that has info to share, we're all ears.
Any questions you have, fire away, I'll do my best to answer them.

Hopefully the demand for the tuning solutions we offer is as prevalent as I think it is, and we'll see this market grow like so many others we have jumped into.

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