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New Wii controller proving "too responsive"
Anticipated attachment is oversensitive.

By Mike Smith.

The Wii's new MotionPlus controller attachment promises to make the console's innovative control system even more sensitive, but it's proving too much for some, according to one major game developer's comments.

Thomas Singleton, producer of EA's upcoming Grand Slam Tennis, made the statements in an interview with TechRadar.

The MotionPlus
."It truly is giving you that one-to-one control movement of your arm motion and then mapping it directly to that one-to-one movement of your character on screen. At times it's overly responsive." he said.

Why is that a bad thing? Imagine taking on a virtual Roger Federer in a Wii game where every tiny inconsistency in your backhand is reproduced with absolute precision. That sure sounds cool, but you'd have to be a pro yourself to stand a chance on the court.

Fortunately for us amateurs, Singleton's on top of the problem, and has tweaked the MotionPlus's accuracy to make it more user-friendly. "It had so much fidelity that at times we have limited that fidelity to make it a compelling experience," he told TechRadar.

The MotionPlus snaps onto the bottom of the Wii's remote, and is currently slated for a spring release, although Nintendo has yet to set a specific date.

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Damn, the virtual technology is too good...LoL

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