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Earlier this week, a 21-year-old driver got on the wrong entrance ramp to the 10 freeway in Los Angeles and ended up going westbound in the eastbound lanes. Doing up to 70 mph in the fast lane, he collided head-on with a police car and he and the officer were killed instantly. Nissan and West Nippon Expressway are working on technology that, using GPS and Telematics, will work to keep such things from happening.

The R&D is for an "IT-assisted road information system." As is becoming de rigeur these days, it uses your cell phone to detect situations in which a warning might be needed before a dangerous situation. The GPS component would come into play in a wrong-ramp situation, while telematics could be used to warn drivers of long downhill stretches. The efforts join Nissan's bumblebee-and-crash-avoidance research aimed at halving incidents in Nissan vehicles.

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