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No Drop Top GenCoupe to come about.
Report: Hyundai not considering convertible Genesis
Posted Yesterday, 9:06 PM by Ralph Hanson

The Genesis simply wasn't designed to allow for top-down driving, says official

Ever since the sleek new Genesis Coupe hit the scene, speculation about a possible convertible version has been brewing, but today Hyundai shut down all hopes, stating flatly that there are no plans for a drop-top Genesis.

Miles Johnson, manager of product public relations for Hyundai Motor America explained the decision, reports Edmunds. "The coupe wasn't developed to be a convertible from the ground up," he said. "It was developed as a global car. The wind in your hair doesn't work in Korea, and there's not enough volume in the U.S."

A simple and straightforward reason behind a final and authoritative decision. Without a business case behind the convertible, it simply never made it out of the planning stages.

Johnson went one step further, however, stating that there are no current plans for any future Hyundai convertibles, ruling out - for the moment, at least - any second-gen 'vert hopes that might have been lingering about in the hearts of hopeful enthusiasts seeking a cheaper but still attractive alternative to Japan and Germany's luxury sport roadsters.

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