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No Mods

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I was wondering how many people out there were not planning on modifying their Genesis? I mean both the sedan & coupe come pretty well equipped & look pretty good stock. So why not keep it stock, save some money, & keep your warranty?

My brother for one is not modifying his GenCoupe. He says he wants the 6cyl w/the ZF auto because he's tired of shifting. He said if he does anything, it will be later down the road & will only be CAI, catback, & tuning. He wants a car that does it all, looks, performance, quality, warranty, & price.

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It's going to be so easy to up the boost on the turbo 4 that I'll find it hard to keep from doing it. That being said I will probably do the "easy" things first that won't void the warranty and see how much extra power I can squeeze out of the engine without touching the boost. Things like CAI and from what I can see the exhaust will be a must to replace. I want to replace the stock cat and put in a hi-flo one and then go a single 3" single all the way to the back. I think these few things alone we may be able to pull out an easy 20-40hp without even touching the boost and do it relatively cheaply.

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