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No Mods

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I was wondering how many people out there were not planning on modifying their Genesis? I mean both the sedan & coupe come pretty well equipped & look pretty good stock. So why not keep it stock, save some money, & keep your warranty?

My brother for one is not modifying his GenCoupe. He says he wants the 6cyl w/the ZF auto because he's tired of shifting. He said if he does anything, it will be later down the road & will only be CAI, catback, & tuning. He wants a car that does it all, looks, performance, quality, warranty, & price.

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Well, I mean, I'm buying the car because it looks great in stock trim and performs well. With that said, moddin is an addiction and once you buy something that ups the power, you cant stop until your bank account is empty or you've achieved your power goals. Me? I wanted to have my motor fully built with less than 10 miles on the odometer buuut, now that im thinking about it I think I'll just stick with rims (if i really want em), CAI, and other removable mods just in case there is a recall later down the line.
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