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Official Hyundai Pictures *Spoiler Teaser*

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A new album of Official Hyundai Genesis Coupe picturs. Some you may have seen before but some you probably have not. Hi-Res pictures are available for download by going to the web album. A sampling below.

Enjoy! - HMA Coupe Pics

Interior Shots

Exterior Shots

And now some prototype spoiler pictures!!
(Please note these may still not be the factory spoilers and/or the placement of the spoilers may be different than what will be released to the public.)

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Good, leave that red one for me. I'm hoping that Hyundai makes enough good looking colors that everybody & their brother doesn't buy the red. I like to feel special.

I like the wing in the above pics ok, so if it is standard on the R-Spec, I'll leave it for now. If the R-Spec comes w/no rear spoiler, then I'll install a CF lip spoiler along w/CF deck lid, painted to match.

Initially, I'm buying CF functional hood & painting the edges red to color match rest of car like the concept orange one at the unveiling. In addtion, I'm wrapping the roof in CF looking material. That, along w/tinted windows, should set it off.

I intend alot of other CF parts to be used that I'll discuss elsewhere.


Ok I just got word that this will indeed be what the factory spoiler will look like. I think it looks better in person than in the pictures but that's just me.
Do you know if it will be factory on the R-Spec?

P.S. Sorry I got off subject on a tangent in above post, just started typing & couldn't stop. I've got this car in my mind completed & it's hard somtimes for it not to come falling out.

I'm not like an every day car enthusiast, it's almost like a disease with me. I think I need intervention...

My spoiler

Here's the spoiler I want.


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1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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