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sabbasaun, I wanna go:cry:
Only 2 big questions for Hyundai: 1) please bring the light weight track edition & when? 2)when do we get direct injection? Other than that confirm that the engines & esp trannys will hold up to our mods & the computer is tuner friendly.
As for after market companies, remind them not to forget about the 6cyl, I think alot of people may be suprised by how many end up getting modified.
Exactly, I plan on throwing alot into my 3.8 SE. And it would be nice if they did a track version with the 3.8 as well as the i4, not sure if that's the plan or not. I'd also like to know about the direct injection.

Basically... What he said

It'd also be nice to find out about this rumored Targa-top model.
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